Posted by: heritagewatch | December 12, 2010

Civic Hall progress

The Civic Hall sage continues into 2011. The Ballarat City Council voted in November 2010 to demolish the hall, but without owning the Crown Land on which it stands, nor having a planning application for any proposed new building.  How can a council that won an award this year for its ‘Preserving Our Heritage’ Strategy, be guilty of such blatant disregard for its own planning scheme?



  1. I can’t believe that Ballarat Council would even consider demolishing Ballarat’s only large scale, flat-floor venue, which can seat 1,500 people. No other hall or theatre can do that. Even small country towns have venues for holding large events such as balls, trade shows, rock concerts, symphony orchestras etc. These are vital in bringing people together.

    Do these events even happen in Ballarat these days? Is that why there are so many kids roaming the streets at night and, sadly, such an observable lack of community spirit and cohesion?

    The Civic Hall provided a grand venue for all sorts of events. It was paid for by us (well, my parents actually!) It should not be demolished for yet another set of Council offices. Council should expand where it already is, not waste our money on removing a vital community facility. (And yes, the acoustics need fixing – but sound engineers can do that today).

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